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If you like action, adventure, and want a wild thrill ride, author Charles Carfagno has a brand new release that might be right up your street.

A Demon’s Quest is Charles’s first book and is a fantasy novel

Here’s a little about the book:

51PhVG3AkRLTorhan hunkered down behind a large boulder to think through his options. The monks were his priority, but how was he going to find them? The chamber was too large and there were so many ants. His first thought was to use the remaining flasks of White Light and blind the ants, but there were too many variables. Could he blind them all? If so, how long would they be incapacitated? If he was discovered close to the queen, and they came through, he would be killed.

Torhan watched as they were brought down the walkway and dropped in front of the queen like some sort of gift. Some of the ones that were alive struggled to their feet, but were quickly maimed or brought down by the warrior ants. The queen grabbed the first of her tasty morsels with her giant mandibles and began squeezing the human. The man’s dying screams were so loud it frightened Torhan. After he was dead, she swallowed him whole.


Connect with Charles at: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorCarfagno and see what else this writer is up to.


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The Wrong Guy

WrongGuy_EbookIt’s 1969 and Catholic girls are a species of their own.

When Katie Hayes arrives at Eastern Michigan University to attend college, John Norman Collins has just been arrested as a suspect in the brutal rapes and murders of 7 co-eds.

Armed with her rosary and her Nancy Drew books, Katie settles into a picture perfect life…until she becomes the victim of a vicious crime. Now, her life and the lives of those she loves are at risk. She must use her wits to trap the real murderer as well as make certain that the man already behind bars isn’t THE WRONG GUY!

Today is RELEASE day for THE WRONG GUY, a suspenseful mystery based on the real-life serial murders of seven young women in the late ‘60s. In the words of the author, Claudia Whitsitt, “the book will appeal to new adults as well as those who’d love a chance to relive their college days. Never fear, there’s plenty of romance!”

I’ve read it, and here is what other readers are saying:

“A great who-done-it!”
“Gripping and suspenseful!”
“A pleasure to read.”
*This is the re-release of this previously published title.

Find out more about Claudia’s other works:


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“One man is scrambling to stay alive…while another man is seeking the truth.”

The Blackest Night FINAL FRONT EBOOK 04132014 copy
Did you know The Blackest Night is a Kindle-countdown deal?

Yep, for a few days it’s currently available for 99c in the US and 77p in the UK.

The Blackest Night is the 3rd in the Jackson detective series and is a psychological thriller with just a touch of paranormal.

Homicide inspector Mac Jackson is leading inquiries in a murder investigation. When an anonymous tip connects two seemingly unrelated crimes, Jackson learns a wrongfully convicted ex-con might be the only person who can lead him to the truth.

Here’s what reviewers say:

“…great character development…strong plot…believable. A compelling and entertaining thriller with a touch of paranormal. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.”

“…when I finished, I wanted more. I’m looking forward to reading more of the Mac Jackson series…”

“…will have you gripped from beginning to end…”

“…psychological suspense at its best…the characters keep us wanting more. This is definitely a title I recommend to anyone who wants to get lost in a great suspense story.”

I hope you’ll give it a try.

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